The surging popularity of EVs is leading to the gradual emergence of mixed-energy fleets. Learn more with EV 101: How To Navigate the Electrification of Your Fleet

Building tools for mixed-energy fleets

As the world moves from internal combustion engines (ICE) to a mix of ICE vehicles and EVs, WEX is building innovative solutions to keep your business moving.

Evolving for the future

The world’s best businesses will thrive by responsibly leveraging their people’s talents and the planet.

At WEX, we’re helping shape a more sustainable future by building solutions that help you run more financially efficient and environmentally friendly businesses and vehicles.

WEX expertise and insights to guide your transition

With deep subject matter expertise and the ability to draw insights across our vast network of global clients, WEX can help you choose the right solution for your fleet. All WEX fleet customers in the United States can access EV Fleet Converter, a free tool that can help you understand the feasibility, costs, and benefits of electrifying your fleet, including:

  • Vehicle and charging station options
  • Estimated total cost of ownership, fuel, and emission savings
  • Potential government incentives

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Incorporate EVs without interruption

WEX can help you plan the transition to a mixed fleet of EVs and ICE vehicles. And once you start the transition, you can manage EV charging the same way you manage gas or diesel. One credit line, one invoice, one set of reports.

EV Fleet Converter

Our fleet converter tool provides you with free and actionable data that includes:

  • The feasibility, costs, and benefits of electrifying your fleet
  • Customized recommendations
  • Estimated total cost of ownership savings
  • Potential government EV incentives

WEX EV En Route

Use your WEX fleet card account to initiate charges at a broad and growing network of public charging stations.

  • Use one WEX EV RFID card or the DriverDash app for secure transactions
  • One account, one invoice, one set of reports
  • WEX EV En Route offers access to a broad and rapidly growing network of public charging stations in the U.S.

WEX EV At-Home

Save money, approve charges and reimburse employees for their home EV charging sessions.

  • Utilize residential electricity rates for the least expensive charging, and the cheapest paid transportation energy of any kind.*
  • Precise reimbursement to your employees through a WEX payment app.
  • Fueling and charging sessions integrated on one invoice and set of reports.

*Price per gallon equivalent. Charging costs are based on national average residential electricity rates and vary.

Tips for transitioning to electric vehicles

Mixed fleets are here. The charging infrastructure is getting stronger. Electricity as fuel involves a range of fluctuating costs, from charging fees to vehicle maintenance. Are you ready?

Jay Collins, WEX SVP & GM for EV and Mobility fleet solutions shares these lessons from the field.

Look before you leap

Learn from others’ missteps and plan to convert the right vehicles at the right time.

Move toward simplicity

Understand the continuum of decision points in the transition to a mixed fleet from OEM choice to driver’s home infrastructure. Partner with those who can help ensure your EV management is as seamless as internal combustion fueling.

Measure and control

Ensure that the reporting and transaction controls for EV and fueling are equitable.

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